Unlock Intelligence for Effective Operational Decisions  

Through Real-time Visualization, Dashboards and Analytics

Centralized Real-Time View

Rubus maintains a Central Historian to store all production and process data. It uses advanced block wise Historical data storage and the conventional compression along with rapid retrieval techniques. The centralized data storage allows to generate organization wide deeper insights and compare performance across different plants, geographies or even businesses.

Visualize Operational Performance

Rubus Digital Insights is a rich, guided analytics application that has custom dashboards with hierarchical view to monitor and analyze operational metrics and KPIs in different formats. The visualization dashboard showcases patterns, relationships and trends through interactive charting, correlation graphics and well-organized user interface.

Data Driven Decision Making

Rubus data visualization goes beyond displaying information in charts and graphs. With strong analytics capability, it offers data driven actionable insights that has business impact. Decision makers at all levels and departments can take calls and perform actions as required e.g. creating maintenance order, refilling inventory, investing in new machinery etc.

Dynamic Dashboards

All Rubus Dashboards are dynamic and get updated automatically with real time data. These dashboards have full access to the underlying data with flexibility to add or remove devices at any point in time. The visual representation format can also be changed and customized as per business needs.

Industry-Specific dashboards

By virtue of the different industry process know-how and understanding of the relevance of critical parameters, Rubus has developed Ready – to – deploy, Insightful dashboards for some specific industries. Industries like Food and beverage, Cement, steel, Power generation, metro and seaports to name a few. In fact, these can be plugged in to any third-party platform as well.

Low Code Frameworks

Rubus is a highly configurable platform with minimal coding efforts required for configuring use cases and integration with other applications. Also, the features like built-in device protocol drivers and powerful dynamic dashboards for visualization and analysis helps in rapidly establishing data acquisition backed by an analysis engine.

Automated Data Preparation

In making the IoT data application, there are multiple challenges like Interoperability, huge volume and complexity of data that needs to be handled for further processing and analysis. Rubus engine automatically normalizes and adds meta data to the OT data. This decreases the load on the system and makes it simpler, faster, and effective not just during implementation but also during operations.

Blend de/ Centralized Data

Rubus capitalizes on advanced analytics capability coupled with the latest data technologies like Orchestration and blending of Centralized & decentralized data to aggregate, sort, and analyze the high velocity, high volume, complex machine data to generate actionable Insights.