Enabling a Connected World for Smart Manufacturing

Reliable and Secure Data Acquisition powered by Edge Computing

Converging OT & IT to Maximize Potential

Powered by Robust Historian and Proven Data Integration Capabilities

Purpose Built for IIoT

Rubus is a well-engineered platform which supports the security and mission critical requirements of industrial assets and their operating environments. Rubus IoT Edge is compatible with both Industrial PCs and routers. It securely acquires and processes high volumes of high-velocity complex machine data from IoT endpoints with no latency. Using the inbuilt data processing capabilities faults, thresholds and rules can be configured on Rubus IoT Edge for data filtration, notifications and alarm management.

Secure OT - IT integrations

Rubus architecture is designed to enable secure and seamless integration of OT and IT domains enabling powerful processing, monitoring and analysis capabilities. Rubus securely exchanges OT field data with Enterprise applications like ERP, EAM and SCM etc. but in no condition can overwrite or control external application eliminating the possibility of any malignant activity.

Prebuilt Integrations

Rubus OT – IT bus Edge connector has been built on open standards for secure and seamless plant integrations as well as backend IT systems integration. Rubus supports Data Acquisition from all OPC protocols like OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC HDA and OPC UA. The platform also supports all standard protocols of equipments like Modbus TCP, CANbus, etc. Rubus leverages its pre-built connectors and web services for integrating with Enterprise Applications like EAM, MES and ERP and other third-party IT systems.

Orchestrable Reliable Publishing

Rubus has the right Data management techniques in place to control and monitor data ingestion, storage, and accessibility along with Store and Forward capability ensuring zero data loss upon disruptions in connectivity. It also checks data sanctity of the received messages, detects, and responds to potentials threats and anomalies.

Accelerate Edge Connectivity

Ready to use Edge component with a mini historian which can be remotely deployed and can also be re-configured at any time to add new devices and applications. This allows us to quickly set up, configure and run pilots in a matter of a few hours. The compatibility with other third-party edge computing platforms enables organizations to use Rubus Edge Connect on existing and future infrastructure.

Reliable Data Acquisition

Rubus is equipped to acquire, process and manage huge amount of high velocity data while ensuring its Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability. It provides a strong authentication and identity management for all human interactions along with End-to-end encryption for all communication between IoT devices, machines and IT systems. It allows security audits and ensure compliance, including measures to prevent data loss and to detect and act on breaches.

Built for Volumes

Powered by a Robust historian, TAG Management and Asset classification, Rubus consolidates huge amount of disparate data from different sources and leverages rapid retrieval techniques to derive actionable insights. Rubus Historian utilizes a Time Series Database which allows the organization to set rules to truncate, append, and purge data along with functions like sampling (daily, hourly, minute wise or second wise) without impacting the structure or relationship on existing data.

Dynamic Rule Management

Rubus has a built in rule manager where the administrator or operator (depending on access privileges) can configure the thresholds for data on various parameters for calculation, data publishing to various target systems, creation of virtual tags, notifications and actions (like trigger work requests, approval etc.). It offers a unique feature of automatically copying the rules from the integrated application system which reduces the configuration efforts considerably. However, the rules can be modified as per the requirement at any point in time.