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How IoT is helpful during pandemic times

The outbreak of COVID-19 has halted operations across all industry verticals. This has forced the manufacturers to adopt to new ways and methodologies for getting back to normal operations. Thanks to IoT, decreasing cost of sensors and advancement in connectivity technologies for enabling industries to return to normal operations.

For example, a plant manager can get a real-time view of their operations through connected plant or factory of the future initiatives. Key decision makers are enabled with prediction for undesirable situations/events and can eliminate unplanned and avoid disruptions in operations improving their operational efficiencies.

Industries have recognized a need for IoT applications during the Pandemic and as a strategic plan for handling future unanticipated disruptions. IoT integrated with data analytics is supporting some of the industries like food and beverage, Pharma, metals & mining as their emergency preparedness plan for handling any potential present & future disruptions.

Some examples where IoT has helped manufacturers in addressing situations during pandemic is illustrated below.

Facility Management in Smart buildings is another best example of how IoT can help with contactless interactions in a closed environment. Smart lighting enabled through Sensorization has allowed in contactless operations and energy savings, room occupancy sensors will restrict people to certain number of people enabling to adhere to COVID social distancing norms. During the Pandemic, data driven insights allows best building management and make owners easy on ROI.

Real-time monitoring of equipment health & process through specialized industrial platform like Rubus, makes enterprises easier to shift the maintenance paradigm from calendar based to need based maintenance and have their maintenance personnel on-site to tackle maintenance requests proactively much before a potential failure could occur.

Digitization, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, predictive operations enabled by IoT & IIoT, will enable industry to become smarter or connected factory. Meaningful & actionable insights are generated from the data collected from multiple machines, existing automated systems enabling data driven decision making.

IoT technology help organisations to come back to total business stronger than ever. IoT and AI enabled applications help Industries in automating the processes, asset tracking and managing from remote locations. Connecting it with other enterprise applications like Infor EAM, SAP, IBM Maximo etc. Enhance Productivity. IoT can also improve sales, cost efficiency and sustainability. Due to covid-19 there is acceleration in digital transformation projects as companies trying to adjust to the pandemic.

Manufacturers, retailers, logistics, constructions, maintenance providers of machines or infrastructure and even cities, hospitals and airports etc. that had already implemented IoT enabled solutions are relying extensively on them achieving transparency, real-time tracking, and safety and meeting government compliance.

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