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Benefits of Industrial IoT

Explore the benefits of Industrial IoT streamlined for Manufacturing, Logistics and Power genration industries to achieve Optimization and efficiency.

C.A.P.O - Rubus industrial IoT Platform

Take a Glimpse on how our Proven Approach of Connect, Analyze, Predict and Optimize have organizations successfully achieve their Industry 4.0 goals and how they feature in the Rubus Industrial IoT Platform.


Rubus Digital - Smart port operations

Dive into how Rubus has transformed usual Port Operations to Smart Port Operations.

Rubus Industry 4.0 Platform

Rubus Industry 4.0 Platform enables their customers to fully realize the benefits of Industry 4.0. It offers flexible deployment models on Premise and on Cloud. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning predictive algorithms are prebuilt within the Rubus platform. Organisations can reduce production cost, improve quality and have higher efficiencies

A peek into the Rubus Industrial IoT platform

Rubus delivers Scalable, configurable and Modular, an end to end IoT platform. Built to enhance the operations in manufacturing, facilities, transportation and energy industries. By translating your Vision to Reality, with an Assured success & Proven approach, Rubus will transform your manufacturing business

Rubus OT-IT Bus

Rubus OT – IT Bus is a quick, easy, secure, scalable solution for plant automation and data acquisition. It comes with prebuilt interfaces to most known plant automation systems. You can rapidly deploy condition monitoring, plant performance monitoring, preventive maintenance, manufacturing analytics, production management or cost optimization.

Rubus Industrial IoT platform – The beginning

Rubus Industrial IoT Platform is built to fulfil the complexities based in various industries and the demand for competitive edge required in every business. Start your industry 4.0 journey with our proven approach of Connect, Analyse, Predict and Optimize which helps you to quickly deploy digital manufacturing solutions, with actionable insights