Rubus Digital

Rubus and 2CRSi Partnership

Rubus Digital is an Industrial IoT platform built for accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey for organizations in Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Facilities Management. They provide a Configurable, scalable IIoT platform, helping an enterprise to implement use case based digital manufacturing solution for a quicker return on investment with a proven approach for successful implementation of industry 4.0.
“With Rubus deployments in several industries in harsh environments, we were looking for an Industrial grade, reliable hardware to install our Rubus edge software to interface with plant automation systems. High compute and processing is needed for real time data acquisition and data transmission. After evaluating various options, We found 2CRSi’s Tranquil PC specializes as a rugged IT system consuming low energy suiting our requirements.” – Mr. Surya Prakash Manda, Chief Technology Officer of Rubus Digital Inc.

“2CRSi is a leading speciality hardware manufacturer since 2004, platinum member of OCP community and member. 2crsi provide storage systems, high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, and customized IT appliances. Their products are designed and manufactured in France, the United Kingdom and San Jose, USA. With subsidiaries in Manchester and Dubai”.
“Rubus platform was implemented for Ras Al Khaimah Port and Rubus Edge was installed on the rugged hardware from 2CRSi needed for Port Cargo Handling Equipment integration. Rubus edge software performed seamlessly without any interruption when bundled with the hardware design from 2CRSi.
Mr. Surya Prakash Manda
Chief Technology Officer
Rubus Digital

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