Rubus Digital

Realizing the True Industrial IoT Value for Customers
Proven Success stories across Energy, Manufacturing and Logistics
A unified End to End Industrial IoT Platform
Data Acquisition to Analytics; On-Premise and On-Cloud
Ready to Deploy Industry Solutions

Conceptualized and Developed by a team of Industry and Domain Experts

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Unified Platform Aligned to Industry 4.0

Rubus Digital is a single platform that offers an end to end solution spectrum aligned to Industry 4.0. The platform is equipped with all the features right from Data acquisition to storage, processing, and analyzing to advanced analytics along with Integration capabilities. Over the years, we have developed Inbuilt AI/ML and strong Root cause analysis capability in the platform for efficient prediction and optimization. The Platform supports both On-premise and On-cloud deployments for multisite organization.

Architecture conceptualized by Subject Matter Experts

Leveraging the strong experience in Asset Management and Remote Monitoring solutions, Rubus team could successfully build a State of the Art Industrial IoT platform. Rubus brings you a platform with built-in Edge Computing, Rule Management, Robust Historian, Visualization, Analytics, and built-in Dashboards capabilities. Built on Entity framework, It’s a highly configurable yet comprehensive platform with rich modules and functionalities to meet customer requirements without any coding efforts.

Seamless Integration with the Existing Ecosystem

Rubus connector has been built on open standards for secure and seamless plant integrations as well as backend IT systems integration, enabling organizations to move forward for OT / IT Transition. Rubus supports Data Acquisition from all OPC protocols like OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC HDA, and OPC UA. The platform supports all standard protocols of equipment like Modbus TCP, CANbus, etc. Rubus leverages its pre-built connectors and web services for integrating with Enterprise Applications like EAM, MES, and ERP and other third-party IT systems.

Scalability & Flexibility to Augment Business Growth

The modular and scalable architecture design enables organizations to plan both horizontal and vertical expansion of the application at their own pace. This essentially means that organizations can roll out to new plants and add new modules/functionalities at any point in time Rubus is an intelligently designed flexible platform that can be configured to meet different industry requirements without any major customizations.

Industry Specific Use Cases

Rubus strong industry experience has been capitalized to develop industry-specific templates with pre-built algorithms. Some of the proven uses cases are Solution stack for Seaports and ports to handle multi-cargo operations like Bulk, Break Bulk, Liquid, RO-RO, Container Logistics, Container, and Freight Forwarding, Stevedoring solutions including Yard and Warehousing solutions. Solution stack for Thermal Power plants, Sea ports, Condition based montionring, Fuel and fleet management, Predictive operation.

Rapid Deployment for faster Realization

Rubus is a highly configurable platform. Also, the features like built-in device drives and powerful dashboards for visualization and analysis helps in rapidly establishing data acquisition and analysis engine. Our in-depth understanding of the industry processes and ready to use industry use cases further enhance the capability to quickly deploy solutions for our customers. Typically, it takes 2 weeks to establish data acquisition and 2-4 weeks for deploying different modules.

Realize The True Value Of Industrial IoT Through Rubus To Build Competitive Advantage
Tangible outcomes driving Positive Impact on ROI and Bottomline

Rubus helps customers Increase Operational efficiency and minimize overall production cost by increasing Overall Equipment Efficiency OEE, reducing downtime, minimizing waste and defects and predicting failures.

Effective Decision through Actionable Insights

Strong visualization and built in dashboards powered by AI and Machine Learning generates actionable intelligence that help customers to perform predictive operations, predictive maintenance and optimize purchase cost

Enhance Customer Experience through Faster Time To Market

Enhanced Visibility into the processes and timely action for Quality Assurance result in On time delivery and better product quality, This helps in reducing Time to Market and also accelerate new product launches.

Increase Top line through New Business Models and Services

Remote monitoring of assets on the field coupled with predictive and perspective Analytics empowers organization to provide maintenance and repair services before the actual breakdown and save cost for their end-customers. This can be offered as a” Service” and qualifies for an additional revenue stream.