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How IOT Can Enhance Crusher Performance in Cement Industry

In today’s world, where industrial revolution is at its peak, industries have started adopting various advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

How IOT Can Enhance Crusher Performance in Cement Industry

Automating the entire plant through sensorization and digitization of manual data and integrating all other related data sources such as PLC’s, SCADA, DCS, QCS, ERP, legacy systems etc. is trending.

In recent years digital technologies has triggered a revolution in industrial processes commonly known as Industry 4.0.  Digitalization has become a key factor to business success and disruptive digital technologies of I4.0 help cement industries to optimize process & equipment performance, optimize O&M cost enabling a safer and secured production encompassing the physical assets.

Cement manufacturing, being one of the most complex industries which is highly energy intensive and involves various processes such as Excavation & hauling, Crushing, RM proportioning, Raw meal grinding, pre-heating, Clinker production (Rotary kiln), Clinker cooling, Cement grinding etc. to produce the final product

Now, you must be curious about knowing the impact of the latest technology IoT (Internet of Things) on its manufacturing process. Application of the disruptive technologies of Industry 4.0 has shown a significant influence on manufacturing processes and reducing the carbon footprint. The use of Industry 4.0 technologies has helped cement industries in digitizing the plant data, IT-OT convergence, real-time monitoring and exception management of process & equipment, predictive operations & maintenance, insights and analytics from plant data on performance.

To understand well about the advantages of IoT, we must know the some of the challenges in cement manufacturing industry which are Operational efficiency improvement, Cost optimization (fuel and energy cost), Distributed and isolated systems, Real-time visibility on KPI’s, Equipment health, Absence of real-time production tracking and process, Adherence to sustainability goals (Environment, Health and Safety),etc.

The IT-OT stack can be a major stumbling block in the digital transformation journey for any industry and with right capability it can be the key to unlocking digital at scale in the digital transformation journey.

Rubus is an IoT platform enabling cement industries to overcome the above-mentioned challenges. Rubus helps cement industries with its vast experience in creating integrated system to perform real-time monitoring & advanced analytics from the data captured through plant data digitization, shop floor control systems (OT), IT-OT integration enabling predictive operations and maintenance with the aid of in house tools and accelerators.

The Rubus platform provided for the enhancement of crusher performance in cement industry resulted into the following benefits.

• Enhanced operational efficiency (OEE).

• Increased productivity and uptime.

• Improved process efficiencies.

• Reduced asset downtime.

• Reduced MTTR (Mean time to repair)

• Increased MTBF (Meantime between failure)

• Alerts and notification for exceptions through SMS, Email, etc.

• Provide end-to-end Real-time operational visibility.

• e-Logbooks for operations and maintenance.

• Automated dashboards and reports.