Rubus Digital

Enabling Digital Transformation
Rubus - an End to End IIoT platform aligned to Industry 4.0
Building Smart Factories Powered by Industry 4.0
Enhance Visibility, Reliability and Efficiency across the Processes
Reliable and Proven Industrial IoT Use cases
Fueled by long-standing Years of Experience & Strong Expertise
How Rubus IIoT platform helped Xayaburi –one of the largest hydro power plant in South East Asia
To develop one of its kind solution to develop and operate Fish Migration Channel in the Mekong river with a larger goal to protect habitat of 1200 fish species
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Rubus Digital brings Rubus Digital Suite, a comprehensive offerings for Manufacturing Excellence.

Remote Monitoring

Gain deeper Plant Intelligence & Reduce Cost of Service

Utilities & Energy Management

Optimize Energy Consumption and Increase Efficiency

Electronic Logbook

Digitize log books, Minimize human errors and Increase Compliance

Condition Based Maintenance

Minimize Machine Downtime through Just-in-Time Maintenance

Production Costing

Optimize Cost of Production through visibility across the value chain

Quality Assurance

Minimize waste, Save cost & Ensure Compliance

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent asset breakdown by anomaly detection, root cause analysis and failure prediction

Predictive Operations

Achieve Operational excellence with improved efficiency and quality at optimized cost

Reliability Improvement

Improve reliability through continuous equipment and process improvement

How We Can Help You?

4 Step Approach for assured success of your industry 4.0 journey

Proven approach plant automation integration to enterprise system

Monitor, measure, and calculate the data for analysis and integration.

Take data driven decisions for operational and strategic optimizations

Predict equipment health, process yields, quality from real time data

Customer Talk

“Rubus dive into our biomass power plant with Pre defined algorithms enabled process optimization. We’re really glad to see Connecting machines via cloud and using data analytics helping us to predict breakdowns and assess the machines overall health, efficiencies, yield, productivity and generating daily reports.”

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Predictive operations Energy

“Rubus derived a new value for our ports in IoT by implementing Equipment operating center for our Cargo Handling Equipment. Capitalizing the equipment by leveraging maintenance status, operations behaviour, run hours, Availability, Performance, Load status on its heavy fleet equipment.”

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Smart Ports Logistics

“Implementation of Rubus Energy Management system at our steel plant reduced manpower, costs for provision of energy without compromising the work process and real-time operations visibility. Data visualization of Energy distribution increased our Overall energy effectiveness with daily reports.”

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Energy Management Manufacturing