Rubus Digital Plant 4.0

Transform Into Smart Plant With Rubus Digital Plant 4.0.

Rubus Digital Plant 4.0

Rubus Digital Plant 4.0 is a single platform that offers an end-to-end solution spectrum aligned to the latest Industry 4.0. The Platform is well equipped with all features right from Data acquisition to storage, processing, and analysis to advanced analytics along with secure Integration capabilities. Its architecture is built and designed by the Subject matter experts and hence it has inbuilt AI/ML , strong Root cause analysis capability, built-in Edge Computing, Rule Management, Robust Historian, Visualization, Analytics, and built-in Dashboards capabilities for efficient analysis, prediction and optimization. On top of that, it offers seamless integrations with the existing ecosystem proving to be a sustainable IoT by supporting the data acquisition from all OPC protocols like OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC HDA, and OPC UA in addition to Modbus TCP, CANbus, etc. The Platform is also modular and scalable that enables it roll out to new plants and add new modules/functionalities at any point, that will enhance the industry growth. Rubus's strong industry experience has been capitalized to develop industry-specific templates with pre-built algorithms that helps in quick data acquisition and deployments with required configurations in lesser time.

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