Software to connect and manage interface of devices, sensors, and systems within an ecosystem.


With the focused principle of secure and efficient digitization of the industries, Rubus IoT is conceptualized and designed by the IIOT certified Domain experts by following the CAPO (Connect Analyze Predict Optimize) approach for its successful implementation and functioning. Rubus IoT is one such platform that offers excellent service starting right from secure data acquisition, to analytics, on premise and on cloud. It has adopted the CAPO approach to make sure all the requirements of the customer are met with clarity and effectiveness by concentrating on each step very precisely as below.


As secure and seamless data acquisition plays a vital role in successful implementation of IoT, Rubus Digital is built with secure OT-IT Integrations to exchanges OT field data with Enterprise applications like ERP, EAM and SCM etc. with no data breaches. Its pre-built integrations help in data acquisition from all OPC protocols like OPCDA, OPC AE, OPC HDA and OPC UA along with standard protocols of equipment like Modbus TCP, CAN bus, etc. Additionally, the Rubus Edge is compatible with both Industrial PCs and routers and is ready to deploy and reconfigure at any time to add equipment and applications. Hence, Rubus Digital offers easy and seamless integrations without any malignant activity.


Following the secure integration, Rubus Digital uses the AI/ML technology for the accurate analysis that helps in the effective operational decisions. Rubus digital insights offers you custom dashboards with hierarchical view to monitor and analyze operational metrics and KPIs in different formats which can be visualized as patterns, relationship and trends through interactive charting, correlation graphics and well-organized user interface. Additionally, it provides data driven actionable insights to take calls and perform actions as required. Rubus dashboards are dynamic that gets updated with the real time data. Rubus capitalizes on advanced analytics capability coupled with the latest data technologies like Orchestration and blending of Centralized & decentralized data to aggregate, sort, and analyze the high velocity, high volume, complex machine data to generate actionable Insights. With its industry experience and understanding Rubus has developed Ready-to-deploy, Insightful dashboards for some specific industries like Food and beverage, Cement, steel, Power generation, metro and seaports that can be plugged into third party platform as well.


Rubus offers the predictive solutions that are powered by Machine learning based AI capabilities through the application of operational intelligence algorithms, advanced analytics, and data science to put forth actionable insights. It has also designed the Industry based algorithms which is based on techniques such as anomaly detection, clustering, linear regression, regression tree, etc. that help in cost saving through timely actions for the predicted failures and downtime. Using the correlation technique, it builds the right Predictive model that identifies the key influencing process parameters. The model is capable to identify the influencing tags and eliminate the false positives. It also analyses the real time data to detect anomalies, send alerts also automatically triggers the maintenance process to optimize the operation. Additionally, Rubus also helps in maintaining the product quality by creating alarms in case of threshold deviations through the Real-time analytics built on SPC methods. This predictive quality dashboards also predicts production wastage and deviations for the specific parameters/tags that affect wastage and provide set of points to minimize the waste.  Furthermore, it has the feature of root cause analysis to trace the chain of events and analyze the root cause of defects for any unplanned downtime and product quality issues.


Rubus Digital has an efficient analysis and predictions that helps in optimizing the plant performance and cost savings. The advanced failure predictions before their actual breakdown reduces the downtime and saves significant cost. Operational efficiency can also be increased through the actionable insights that optimizes OEE (Original Equipment Efficiency) and also change production schedules incase of demand fluctuations. Benefits of Rubus IIOT can be explained as efficient quality control, optimized energy consumption through Energy &Utility Management application that tracks the energy consumption of the machines and develop energy consumption patterns, detects losses, and showcase over-exhaustion or under-utilization of resources. And most importantly, it has enhanced the safety by integrating safety systems with intelligent real-time dashboards aligned with Industry 4.0 to enable faster response and quick resolution incase of an accident or malfunctioning. Moreover, IoT enabled wearables also helps in supervising if employees are following proper workplace safety procedures and in taking corrective actions timely

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