IOT Platform

Rubus is a leading provider of an End-to-End Industrial IoT platform powered by Edge computing.

IOT Platform
Rubus is a leading provider of an End-to-End Industrial IoT platform powered by Edge computing, AI, dynamic dashboards, and industry-specific use cases. Incepted as an Automation & Control Business Unit within Envision Enterprises, a leading provider of Industrial IoT since 2014, it has demerged as an Independent Company in 2019 with a strong vision of establishing itself as a pureplay Industry 4.0 solution provider. With our clear mission, high values, and commitment to our customer’s success, we have evolved as an End-to-End Industrial IoT platform provider for medium and large enterprises.

Dash boards

Provides the required Management, Operational and User Dashboards & Analytics on Operations, Trends, and  is used to run various data models needed for predictive operations.

The rule engine and trend analysis are the part of digital insights sub module.  

Rubus Trend analysis

Rubus havethe feasibility to integrate and display real time historical data and the usercan view the data with a set frequency. All the data has the capability to storeand save with bookmark. User can view and analyse the data in graphical andtabular view.    

Rule Engine

Rubus inbuilt feature which has the feasibility forenabling or creating an alert based on batch of data, real time data alert based on batch, equipment with process line of sequence or predecessor from different equipment. A built-in process to integrate and enable the data in parallel.  Integrated and enabled rule can be sent as a notification to external system.  

HMI & Reports

Rubus has built in feature of both HMI and report Engine module as apart of product. We combine real time data from HMI systems with advancedanalytics and visualizations which provide meaningful reports tailored forspecific industry and operational requirements. From Production metrics andequipment health monitoring is for energy consumption and predictivemaintenance insights. HMI Reports empowers the increasing of productivity, optimizeresources and drive continuous improvement.

Key Features

  • Software Connectors - Extract data from disparate sources using wide variety of protocol adapters.
  • Data transformer - Converts data from disparate sources to a common format and precision to simplify the construction and ingestion by applications.
  • Data Processing - Performs complex rules on data in motion to intelligently reduce, compress, and transmit data in an optimal way.
  • Data models - Enable organization to define structure for various data types and collections of data intended to share.
  • Data controls - Enable you to define data flow policies – which data goes to which apps at what time.
  • Application Connectors - Allows for subscription to data by authorized applications and services.
  • Digital Applications - Quickly deploy pre-built digital applications relevant to core manufacturing or operations as per the need and vision of the organization.
  • E Logbook - Fully automated electronic logbooks for control, analysis &decision-making.
  • Data Modeling and Analytics - Rich Features, functions like Visualization, Workflow, Predictive data modeling, Rule manager & notifications.
  • Mobile Application - IoT-based mobile apps can make things more efficient by reducing manual processes. It is highly scalable, allowing you to add new features and devices as technology advances easily. Compatible for both IOS and Android.
  • Live streaming - By harnessing IoT security surveillance cameras, building managers and security professionals can remotely monitor all aspects of their facility from any location.
  • Alarm Module - With the help of alarm module all the faults, notifications, alerts of any type whether they are critical or non-critical can easily viewed and managed from one place.
  • Security - A key aspect of achieving IoT device security is employing measures to secure IoT devices using encryption, authentication and authorization.
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Rubus is a leading provider of an End-to-End Industrial IoT platform powered by Edge computing.