How To Use Industrial IoT To Improve Your Business

Enhance your business with Industrial IoT by using real-time data and predictive maintenance. Increase efficiency, cut costs, and boost productivity in manufacturing, logistics, and energy sectors.

How To Use Industrial IoT To Improve Your Business

Industrial Revolutions are in existence since the 18th century and the innovative minds are constantly trying to put forth new ideas and technology to increase the productivity and enhance the growth of the industries. From adopting steam powered engines in first industrial revolution to the introduction of Internet of Things in the fourth industrial revolution, we have come a long way. Today every industry is keen in knowing the trending technologies to create a positive impact in their production graph. So, Industrial IoT is the outcome of the latest industrial revolution and is increasingly adopted by various sectors be it manufacturing, logistics, or energy. It has proved to be a boon in fastening the industrial operations and giving the most with the least available resources. Let us discuss what exactly is the Industrial IoT and how your industry can benefit from it.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be explained as the intelligent analysis of the machine data in the real time through the various available data capture tools and provide the solutions to enhance the process. It acquires the data from the sensors and the automation processes and through its AI/ML based analysis tools, they provide predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, Condition based monitoring, Energy management system, E-logbooks, Asset Management and many more solutions depending on the requirement. IIoT is basically acquiring advantage from the data produced from the machines for better advancements and solutions.

Adopting IIoT will surely benefit your industry but you must be aware of the IoT Platform that is suitable for your industry and can efficiently read the data from the machines and the system in your industry for the better analysis and performance. IoT Platform is the software that provides improved decisions in managing various assets and machines in industry to optimize its use. The latest Industrial IoT Platform aligned with Industry 4.0 is not only limited to manufacturing plants but has effective solutions for the logistics management, Energy management, pharma, food and beverage, etc.

Let’s move to the benefits of the IoT and its impact on the business. To start with, IoT can connect the entire plant from machines, to inventory and you can view the plant insights ina single click. Also, the data can be accessed remotely through cloud computing, it makes it possible to manage your plant effectively from any location. Secondly, the data received from equipment can be further analysed to createre ports, dashboards, trends that helps in the predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, condition-based monitoring, etc through which the maintenance cost can be saved along with the increased equipment health. As it monitors the entire plant, it is efficient in reducing the energy losses at various points, thereby indirectly contributing to the optimization of the energy resources. One of the benefits through IoT is the decreased downtime and labour safety in the plant. By monitoring the KPI’s and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), you can measure the productivity and increase it by concentrating on the parameters that are affecting it. Basically, implementing IIoT in the existing as well as new industry will result in increased profits through high productivity, organized plant functioning and predictive operations.

Now, you must be concerned about the investment on implementing IoT, so for your information, investing on IoT will give you quicker returns on your investment through increased production as well as new ways of revenue generation through the analysis. To stay ahead in the market competition, it is essential to have a rising graph of your growth, and this is possible by adopting and implementing the trending technologies. So, the industries must turn towards IoT to withstand the growing business competition and mark a position in the market. Additionally, IoT can help you gain a positive name in the market through the application of various techniques that efficiently reduces the greenhouse emissions with the help of various machines and sensors. So, IoT can be considered as a risk-free investment for future growth and expansion of your business with an additional benefit of faster returns on investment.