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Who We Are

Driven by our Core Values of Transparency, Innovation, Trust, and Leadership, we believe in building a connected world for a better future for our Customers and Associates. A true partner to your Digital Transformation journey aligned to Industry 4.0.

Our Mission

Value Creation for our customers through innovative solutions and establish Rubus as a leader in the focus industry sectors

What We Do

Rubus is a leading provider of an End to End Industrial IoT platform powered by Edge computing, AI, dynamic dashboards, and industry-specific use cases. We help organizations build competitive advantage through the process and operational excellence.

Our History

Incepted as an Automation & Control Business Unit within Envision Enterprises, a leading provider of Industrial IoT since 2014. Demerged as an independent company in 2019, with a strong vision of establishing itself as a pureplay Industry 4.0 solution provider. Committed to our customer’s success, we have evolved as an End to End Industrial IoT platform provider for medium and large enterprises.

Industry Focus


Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a strong enabler for successfully building Smart Factories aligned to Industry 4.0.Rubus IIoT platform helps manufacturers collect and analyze the huge volume of complex data from disparate systems. It leverages insightful industry-specific dashboards coupled with strong predictive analytics to improve OEE, increase productivity, optimize performance, and meet compliance.



Industrial IoT solutions in the energy industry help organizations remote monitorfield equipment be it a wind turbine, oil rig, etc and keeps a track of the overall health status, performance, and efficiency. AI and Machine learning further help in implementing Predictive Maintenance, prevent failures and enhance safety. It also helps in saving significant costs and cutting CO2 emissions by enabling control over energy consumption.



The Transportation and Logistics industry strives for improving service quality and transferring products and people safely to the destination in a cost-effective way. IIoT helps T&L companies manage and track their assets be it vehicles or freight with greater efficiency and reliability. Rubus solution stack includes fleet management, supply chain monitoring, inventory management, and warehouse management solutions.



Industrial IoT enables facility managers to reduce operating costs, ensure the safety of its workers, and create a positive experience for the customers. Rubus solutions help to reduce energy waste by optimizing building systems in line with occupancy levels such as HVAC systems, real-time monitoring of parameters such as temperature and pressure etc., send alerts to the operation team and perform predictive maintenance to avoid outages.

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